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Jindal Hospital Bangalore – Lets cure naturally.

Jindal hospital Bangalore, is a blessing for those who are suffering from various chronic ailments. The core of treatment at Jindal nature cure lies in natural therapies in combination with modern equipments and technologies. The treatment at the hospital specializes in providing relief for various medical and physiological disorders using various natural ways.

Everything from the ambience of the hospital to the kitchen plays a great deal in the treatment and rejuvenation of the patients.

Dr Sitaram Jindal born in Nalwa, Haryana is the father of Jindal hospital Bangalore. He founded the hospital in 1978. He laid emphasis on the idea that by using the combination of nature cure with modern medical technologies, various chronic diseases can be declared as ‘Cured’. He is one of the founders of the Jindal group of industries and Managing Director and Chairman of JAL- Jindal Aluminium Limited, one of the leading Aluminium extrusion units in the country.

Dr, Jindal’s dream of building a hospital associated with nature cure initially unfolded as a charitable unit called as the Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences. The hospital currently stands tall with an amazing infrastructure and highly qualified staff.

Ailments we treat:-

Our treatment methods involves a bit of everything, the various diseases that we treat are:-

Respiratory disorders

Abdominal disorders


Depression and many more medical and physiological disorders.


Modes of Treatment:-

Natural Therapies:-

Naturopathy is the oldest form of medicine .The entire treatment structure at Jindal hospital revolves around the same. It sets a person free from diseases and unhealthy living habits. It is a messiah for people who have developed any kind of medical and physiological disorders.


The kitchen garden and the kitchen at Jindal hospital Bangalore both play the role of catalyst in the overall recovery of the diseases. The kitchen at Nature Cure Jindal hospital aims to provide a well-balanced and organic diet for patients which includes fruits, vegetables and whole grains in a greater proportion.


Acupuncture is a very successful and age old technique amongst all the natural therapies. As per acupuncture, the disease in the human body are largely due to a disparity in the balance of the body and acupuncture is aimed at balancing the same which treats the disease in turn. Through acupuncture, various chronic disorders can be prevented at an earlier stage.


The sole purpose off physiotherapy is to fix the pain and restore the optimal physical functioning of the body. It’s a treatment that applies mechanical force and a patient’s strength to cure the diseases.


Yoga has been helping us since ancient ages with the development of physical and mental health. It helps in the maintenance of overall health and treatment of various disorders. Through its multiple practices of their benefits, yoga is the most efficient tool for the entire body, mind and soul medication.


Contact Us:-

For queries about admission and treatments, please call us at:

Phone:- 91-80-2321, 7777

Email:- info@jindalnaturecure.org

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