‘Hindi Medium’ fame Pakistani actress Saba Qamar ended relationship with fiancée, wrote- ‘To find out the bitter truths ..’

New Delhi Pakistani actress Saba Qamar starred in the Bollywood film ‘Hindi Medium’ with the late actor Irrfan Khan. Meanwhile, now Saba has come into the discussion due to one of her social media posts. Saba breaks Qamar’s marriage. Saba has decided to get away from her fiance Azim Khan. Saba himself has decided to part with Azim and shared with fans through a post on social media. Fans of Saba are quite surprised as soon as they come face to face with this post.  

Saba Qamar has shared with fans on her Instagram account about her separation from Azim Khan. Saba wrote in his post, ‘Hello friends, I have a very important information for all of you. Due to a lot of personal reasons, I have decided to end the relationship with Azim Khan. The two of us are no longer married. I hope that as always, you will also support this decision of mine. 

At the same time, Saba Qamar writes, ‘I believe that there is never any delay in finding out the bitter truth. One important thing I always wanted to clear was that I never met Azim Khan. We were only connected on the phone. This is a very difficult time for me. But I know that this time will also pass. Inshallah, lots of love to all of you. ‘

Azim Khan’s reaction has also surfaced on this post of Saba. Sharing the post of Saba, he wrote, ‘He did not write my side in his story and yes it is my fault. Yes, that’s my fault. ‘

Let us tell you that Saba Qamar is a well-known name in the Pakistan film industry. Apart from acting, she is also very active on social media. Saba Aaye is connected to the fans through her beautiful pictures and videos. 

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