Farmers’ organizations

Farmers to take out tractor march today, preparations to jam KMP expressway

Farmers’ organizations

Farmers’ organizations will take a tactical journey

This Farmers journey will begin from Ghazipur border to Palwal from 11 am today. This tractor rally will be held under the leadership of farmer leader Rakesh Tikait.

On January 8, the 9th round of negotiations with the farmers’ government is set,

Before that the farmers are going to perform big today.

If the solution is not resolved by the meeting of 8 January, then on 9 January there is a preparation to burn a copy of the Agricultural Law.

Tractor march will come out with vigorous planning

Today is the 43rd day of the peasant movement. Today the preparations are for the siege of Delhi.

Annadata will ride on his tractor and show his strength to the government on the Peripheral Expressway built around the country’s capital.

Farmers have made vigorous planning and preparation for the tractor march.

At 11 am, four batches will leave from different places simultaneously. The first batch will move from the Indus border to the Tiki border.

This batch will begin at the KMP’s entry point in the horoscope. The second batch will go from the ticking border towards the horoscope, which will be the KMP’s entry point in Sampla.

The first and second batches will return to their starting point after touching the midpoint of the snake and the horoscope.

The third batch will move from Ghazipur towards Palwal, which will begin at the entry point of KMP in Dasna. The fourth batch will move from Rewasan towards Palwal, which will start at the KMP entry point in Rewasan.

Both these batches will return to their departure point from Palwal. The fifth batch will travel from Dhasa Border to Manesar and then return to its starting point.

Farmers’ organizations have warned that today’s tractor rally will be a trailer for the rally to be held on 26 January.

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