Polluted Air

DOs and DONTs to avoid the poisonous winds of Delhi,

Pollution has increased a lot in Delhi. The Air Quality Index was above 400 on Wednesday morning. It is considered as serious. In this situation, doctors recommend that you stay indoors as much as possible. Turn off all outside activity. Due to this serious pollution situation, the number of patients with asthma and respiratory diseases in government hospitals has increased by 20 percent in the last few days. Keep these important things in mind to avoid pollution.

РIf pollution is in serious category, postpone outside work for a few days and avoid going outside РIf you want to go outside, first check pollution level. According to that, plan out Рgo wearing masks and glasses of good quality. Wearing a mask will make breathing easier and glasses will help prevent eye irritation caused by pollution Рkeep the nose and eyes wet with water after a while. Due to this, the particles of pollution will not enter the body.

РIf you feel a sore throat due to pollution, you can take steam. If you do not get relief from this, then get a checkup done by the doctor Рdefinitely drink four to five liters of water a day. The particles of pollution that have gone into the body will drain out with water Рeat as much vitamin-C and omega-3 foods as possible Рavoid morning walks, cycling Рhome balconies or on the roof Plant saplings like Eureka Palm, Money Plant, Aloe Vera, English Ivory. These are helpful in reducing pollution.

Those elderly who have asthma or some respiratory disease, keep taking their medication and inhaler regular. Also, get pneumonia vaccination done. If the elderly have pneumonia, they can be troubled for a long time. РDr. Vijay Gurjar, Assistant Professor, AIIMS Quality mask prevents pollution particles from going into the langs. If you do not wear a mask, these particles go into the body and dissolve in the blood, which prove to be very dangerous. Use an N-95 or N-99 mask. РDr. Vikas Malhotra, ENT Department, LNJP

Pregnant women should avoid getting out of the house and also keep masks in the house as well. РIn many places in the village or countryside, women burn wood for cooking and blow the pipes, do not do this. РDo not make or burn such thing in the house, which causes smoke because it spreads pollution in the house. РTry not to exceed 10 levels of pollution in the house.

If you have any asthma or respiratory disease, take your medicines regularly РDo not stop the inhaler (pump) given by the doctor. In such weather keep taking regular inhalers Рpatients of diabetes and blood pressure should not be negligent in medicines. Get your doctor checked from time to time Рalong with pollution, winter is also the season, so the risk of stroke increases. Use caution and keep in touch with the doctor.

If the pollution level is more than 150, then stop the children from playing outside – Do not let the children leave the school with bikes or scooters in the morning.¬†Use the bus or metro.¬†Pollution particles enter the body directly while going by bike or scooter – If there is more pollution, the child’s eye becomes red or there is eye irritation then see him immediately to the eye doctor – Children when out of school or outside If you come home from somewhere, wash their eyes and nose with lukewarm water – children’s skin is soft.¬†Skin-related problems can occur when pollution occurs.

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