Doctors Day

Doctors Day: Salute to such warriors engaged in saving the lives of others during the Corona period, did not leave their courage even after eating their loved ones

Doctors Day

Doctors wearing white coats and wearing high necks are not simply called the God of the earth.

It has also been proved in the corona pandemic. In the second wave of Corona, more than 10 doctors died, many even lost their families, but did not lose courage and were working to save the lives of others.

People got strength from their faith. Even after doing continuous duty, their spirit remains intact.

Due to the rescue, they are keeping distance from the children at home. Lost parents, but performed duty Dr.GV Singh of the Department of Thoracic and Tuberculosis, Dr. GV SN, lost mother and father in the second wave.

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Could not even mourn the death of the parents and duty was taken in the covid ward.

He himself got infected while doing duty in the Kovid ward. GV Singh said, at the last moment, the mother said this, that sons should treat the patients as brothers, sisters and parents.

His words will always inspire. Did not go home since December last year: Dr. Garima Kannojia of the Department of Medicine told that she has not been able to go to her house in Pilibhit since December last year.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and grandparents worry. Corona was at its peak in the second wave, then there was no time to even eat and drink.

These patients became their own, they did not see day and night in their treatment.

Father says daughter, there is a crisis on humanity, there should not be any shortage in your hard work.

Money does not become a hindrance in treatment: Dr. Gyanprakash
Senior Doctor Dr. Gyanprakash is also popular among patients with simplicity and simple nature.

OPD or operation. Money never became a hindrance in the treatment and no patient was allowed to return disappointed from the clinic.

He has donated his life by performing free operation for many patients.

He says that he learned the lesson of humanity from his parents. Money was not given for the treatment. Husband and wife infected, could not go home: Dr. Nandan Health Department Deputy CMO Dr.

Nandan Singh has been in charge of Rapid Response Team for one and a half years.

He told that as soon as the list was received, it was the task of getting infected patients admitted to the hospital without looking day and night, listing the contacts and finding them and getting them samples.

In the second wave, the work increased so much that the wife and son got infected in Kosi, but could not go home.

Also operated on the infected: Dr.Vivek Kumar of the surgery department of Dr. Vivek SN performed duty in four Kovid wards in the first wave.

In the second wave, the responsibility of operating the infected patients was given. Along with the team of doctors, operated on infected patients in Kovid Hospital itself.

After this also went to see him in the follow up. Told that the girl child was born in February, due to infection she could not even caress. 12-14 hours would have passed in the treatment itself:

Dr. Akhil In May, when the second wave of corona became light, the patients of black fungus started coming. In such a situation, Dr. Akhil Pratap Singh of ENT Disease Department of SN again accepted the challenges.

It took 12-14 hours for the patients to be operated and treated. Dr. Akhil told that in April, without seeing day and night in the Kovid ward, he was engaged in the treatment of patients. Sometimes it is not possible to talk to children and wife.

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