Do hair fall due to excessive exercise? Know what is the truth

In today’s time, people are struggling with hair problem.¬†At an early age, youngsters either have white hair or are facing hair loss and baldness.¬†People do all kinds of treatment for this.¬†Apart from this, youngsters also pay great attention to body building and spend hours sweating in the gym.¬†In such a situation, the question also arises that does excessive exercise cause hair loss?¬†Know how much truth is there in this matter

According to media reports, about 35 million men in India are troubled by problems like hair loss. In the fitness industry too many people have short hair on their head or they are bald. Today, in this report, you will tell what is the truth of this matter? Is this really so and if so, what could be the reasons for this. Also how can it be stopped. However, it is also important to seek the advice of a doctor in this situation.

According to the report of a website, the problem of hair loss is common while doing fitness journeys. Indeed, impaired levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are primarily responsible for hair loss and baldness. Its level is high with increasing testosterone. On the other hand, it is also a fact that bodybuilders and athletes try to raise their testosterone high by taking a testosterone booster or supplement. In such a situation, taking testosterone booster increases the DHT level of the workouts and it becomes the cause of hair weakening and baldness.

According to research, hair loss can also be the result of low carb diets. People lose carbohydrate intake to lose weight. In one study, 45 people were given low carb diets / keto diets. Hair loss and hair loss problem was observed in 2 of these people. Many men also have a genetic problem of hair loss. If their hair is falling out while doing the workouts then you can connect it to that too.

According to experts, many other factors can also be responsible for the problem of hair loss. Eg Рpollution, wrong eating, chemical reaction, infection or infection, due to psoriasis, excessive stress or any disease, unbalanced thyroid levels, anti hair fall supplements, excessive use of shampoos / conditioners, excess hair spray use do.

If a person starts thinning or starts losing hair after taking a hair booster or steroid, then they should stop taking it immediately. Also, consult the expert. Apart from this, you can get relief from the problem of thinning hair by taking some measures. Also, you can make muscles by changing your diet and everyday lifestyle. By taking care of hair or taking care of some things, you can get rid of hair loss problem to some extent. Dandruff is considered the most effective factor for baldness in men. So do not ignore it and also treat dandruff.

Hair Fall
Hair Fall

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