Easy way to run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone

The popularity of social networking WhatsApp is constantly increasing and in such a way it has become an extremely easy way to connect people to each other. Today, the use of WhatsApp is not only limited to messaging but is also used extensively for video calling. WhatsApp has become so common among people that official work is done on it along with a personal account. In such a situation, you may feel that if you use two WhatsApp accounts instead of one, it would be better. But the facility of two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone is not available on every phone. If you also want to create two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, then for that you have to follow some tips. Let’s know step by step guide.

But before that, go into your phone’s settings and check once that the dual app feature is provided on your phone. If this feature is present in your phone, then enable it and then you can use two WhatsApp accounts in the phone. If this feature is not on your phone, then you have to follow this step. 

Step 1. To use two WhatsApp accounts in one phone, you can use the apps on the Google Play Store. Where you will find many such apps with the help of which you can create two WhatsApp accounts on your phone. 

Step 2. You can download apps called dual space or Parallel Space on Google Play Store on the phone. These apps are also very popular among users and by downloading them on the phone, you will be able to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. The specialty of both these apps is that you do not have to root the phone to use them. 

Step 3. Not only this, with the help of apps, you can create two Facebook and Twitter accounts in addition to WhatsApp. After downloading these third-party apps, a plus sign will open in front of you and after clicking on it, you will have to enter your second phone number. 

Step 4. After entering the number, your second account number will be added and you will be able to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. After creating a WhatsApp account, the new account will appear as a clone on the phone. With the help of dual space and Parallel Space, you can keep your personal and professional life separate by creating two WhatsApp accounts on your phone. 

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