Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro train will automatically run on the track without driver depot, know how

Delhi Metro

According to (DMRC) Delhi Metro, this train will be like that.

That is, when the Delhi Metro will run, when will it stop and how will it behave during service, everything will depend on the command. The time will be put in the ID of the train to get out of its depot.

This is not an anecdote but a reality. The country’s first driverless train has started operating.

The first bin driver train was flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This train will automatically run on the track from the depot. But how would this be possible? In this regard, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said that the train’s time table will always be updated from the control room.

The time will be put in the ID of the train to get out of its depot and reach the track. The metro train itself will come to the main line and open its doors after checking whether the light, air conditioner, announcement system is good at the depot.

Will announce and return to depot at closing time. Earlier the train driver used to do the same work, which will now be done by the train itself.

Before operating in a common metro train, the train operator or driver brake light annunciation system used to check everything by itself and it took more than half an hour.

Every feed of the driverless train will be recorded live on CCTV. The trains the driver operates are fully automated but not driverless.

In this, the train starts and the door is open-closed by the driver. Now these works have also been automated.

(DMRC) Delhi Metro

What will happen in emergency

If the passenger presses the alarm button, there will be talk directly in the control room. Earlier, the train operator used to do this work.

Roaming attendants will be kept in the initial days. DMRC claims that the second train will proceed within a few minutes by manual command at the time of snag. By 2021, a driverless metro will also be started on the Pink Line.

So far the time table for 26 driverless trains is ready. All 26 driverless metro trains will be taken off the track in three months. All are equipped with technology. Only 5 driverless trains have been launched on the track.

Delhi Metro

How to know which train is on

There is also a question that how will the passenger know which train he is on. Regarding this, DMRC says that there will be a special announcement that this is a driverless train. Once the doors are closed, you will not be able to open again.

For the first time, Vanshika, who was traveling in a driverless train, did not know that she was riding in a train without a driver. Vanshika, who is doing pilot training, said that with technology, the job of the driver will also go away.

At the same time, HR trainer Garima, who is traveling in a driverless train, said that it is very good that technology is advancing. We are also growing.

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