Corona LIVE in the world / So far 48.90 lakh infected and 3.20 lakh deaths: South Sudan Vice President and his wife report positive

Coronavirus updates LIVE in the world / So far 48.90 lakh infected and 3.20 lakh deaths: South Sudan Vice President and his wife report positive

Corona LIVE in the world / So far 48.90 lakh infected and 3.20 lakh deaths: South Sudan Vice President and his wife report positive
The bodyguard and several staff of South Sudan Vice President Reek Masher have also been found infected.

Washington.¬†So far, 48 lakh 90 thousand 863 people have been infected with coronavirus in the world.¬†19 lakh 7 thousand 392 have been cured.¬†At the same time, the figure of deaths has increased to 3 lakh 20 thousand 130.¬†South Sudan Vice President Reek Masher and his wife Agelina Teni have been found infected.¬†Angelina is also the country’s defense minister.
His test was conducted on 13 May after a member of the Corona Task Force reported positive. His bodyguards and some staff have also been found infected. So far 236 people have been infected in the country of Africa, while four people have died.

Coronavirus: 10 most affected countries

CountryHow infectedHow many deathsHow well
Britain2,46,40634,796Not available

These data are taken from

America: 759 deaths a day

91 thousand 981 people have died in America. This figure is the highest in the world. 759 people lost their lives in a day. However, there has been a decrease in the number of deaths occurring here every day. At the same time, the number of infected here has exceeded 1.5 million.

US President Donald Trump has said that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc supplements for the last week and a half to avoid infection. However, last month, the American Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to people about this drug. Also said that this claim can cause heart problems in corona patients.

Russia: More than 2.90 lakh patients
So far, more than two lakh 90 thousand patients have been found in Russia. At the same time, 2722 people have lost their lives here. Moscow is the most affected in the country. 71 people died in 24 hours here. The death toll has risen to 1651 in the capital. More than 70 thousand people in the country have been cured of it so far.

Brazil: In 2.55 lakh infected
Latin American country Brazil, 735 people have died in 24 hours. The number here is higher than the previous day. A day earlier, 485 people died here. The number of dead here has reached 16 thousand 853. With the arrival of 14,288 new cases in a day, the total number of infected has increased to 2 lakh 55 thousand 368. In terms of infection, Brazil has reached fifth place after America, Russia and Spain.

France: 70 new cases found
in school A week ago schools have been opened in France. According to the government, 70 new cases have been reported in schools here. Given the reduction in cases here, relief in lockdown restrictions has been granted. There is a demand to remove the ban from religious places here. Here 131 people died in 24 hours. So far more than 1 lakh 79 thousand cases have been received in the country, while 28 thousand 239 people have died.

Israel: 20 new cases found
. 20 new Corona cases have been registered in Israel. With this, the number of infected people has reached 16,643. So far 276 people have died here. A day earlier, 11 new cases were registered here. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last Thursday the reopening of schools in areas where there are fewer cases of infection. After this, schools were opened in some areas from Sunday.

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