Air Pollution & Dry Eyes Pollution

Air Pollution & Dry Eyes Pollution is causing burning and itching in the eyes, so treat it like this!

Air Pollution & Dry Eyes Pollution

Air Pollution & Dry Eyes Pollution’s ever-increasing pollution not only affects our lungs, heart, brain, and skin, but it also affects the eyes. Many people are suffering from burning, watery and itchy eyes due to smog.¬†This is because even small particles of pollution irritate the eyes.¬†At the same time, while technology has made our lives easier, its disadvantages are also many.¬†The biggest thing is its addiction, from which it is very difficult to get rid it. Excessive use of laptops, mobile, TV affects your eyes. This causes burning, itching, pain, tiredness, and headache in the eyes. Nowadays work from home has increased the work of all of us.¬†The problem of dry eyes has become very common due to constantly looking at the screen. Just as our body needs rest, the eyes also need rest.

What is Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes or dry eye disease (DED) is a rapidly growing eye problem. DED occurs when the meibomian and lacrimal glands fail to produce enough oil and watery fluids, or in other words when you do not produce enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish your eyes. Due to not producing tears in the eyes in proper quantity, the moisture in the eyes decreases, due to which many types of problems related to eyes have to be faced. Dry eye disease is a very painful problem of the eyes.

Effects of Air Pollution on DED

According to ophthalmologists, the main cause of eye allergies and other related problems is the high amount of dust and smoke in the air. The incidence of dry eyes and ocular allergies is increasing due to increasing pollution. We all know that our eyes are the gateway to our health and about 80% of what we perceive is through our eyesight. Since it is a sensitive organ in which contact with the environment gets easier than other organs. On the other hand, airborne contaminants range from severe eye irritation to constant discomfort.

What are the causes of dry eyes

Dr. Soumya Sharma, Senior Consultant, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, says that apart from nutritional deficiencies in the diet and poor lifestyle, there are many reasons that lead to dry eyes. For example, there are many reasons that can dry out your eyes, including excessive computer use, contact lens use, smoking, health complications, and allergies.

Signs and symptoms of dry eyes

– Redness in the eyes

– itchy eyes

– sensitivity to light

– sensitivity to wind and smoke

– Photophobia

– blurred vision

dry eyes treatment

Dr. Hem Shahi, Senior Consultant, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals says that DED is a chronic and common disease. In its treatment, the symptoms are controlled. Dry eye therapy is used for dry eyes caused by excessive use of computers, mobiles, tabs, TVs, which can be relieved by regular use of artificial tears or other lubricating eye drops. In addition, dietary supplements such as cold-water fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, cod, and flaxseed oil high in omega-3 fatty acids may also be helpful in DED.

In case of eye infections or allergies, cold compresses, good sunglasses, lubricating eye drops can be used.¬†If you wear contact lenses, do not wear them until the eyes have completely healed.¬†In addition, it’s important to eat a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals, stay healthy, quit smoking, maintain good hand hygiene, and study your family history, as some eye disorders are genetic, which should help you take precautions. Will help.¬†Visit your eye doctor regularly.¬†Which can help reduce the chances of getting eye diseases.¬†Diseases like excessive cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, liver diseases, tumors, and many other blood-related diseases can be detected only by looking in the eyes. Maintaining a good vision is important because it helps with athletic abilities, learning and understanding, and overall quality of life.

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