5 Benefits of Shirodhara Treatment

5 Benefits of Shirodhara Treatment

5 Benefits of Shirodhara Treatment

The word Shirodhara is derived from two words “Shir” which means head and “Dhara” which means pouring in a stream. Therefore, Shirodhara means pouring oil or milk mixed with herbs over the head of a person. This is usually done for a stipulated time period. Apparently, there are three types of Shirodhara treatments depending upon the liquid or herbs being used in it. The “Sneha Dhara” treatment involves the usage of herbal oil or ghee. The “Ksheer Dhara” treatment involves the usage of milk infused with herbs. In the same manner, the “Takra Dhara” treatment makes use of buttermilk infused with herbs.

Jindal Naturecure provides Shirodhara treatments to people suffering from anxiety, stress, fatigue, and similar problems. According to the institute, the treatment can provide five major benefits.

Here are the 5 Benefits of Shirodhara Treatment

Reduces Stress

Shirodhara helps to reduce the stress level in people. As per the faculty at Jindal Naturecure, pouring the desired liquid used during the treatment helps to relax the mind and induce calmness. Also, as per Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist and founder at Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute, the treatment encourages “relaxation response”.

Counteracts Anxiety

The faculty at Jindal Nature Cure Bangalore states that Shirodhara helps to counteract anxiety. The gentle pouring of the desired liquid enables to synchronize brainwaves with external stimuli.

Awakens Intuition

There are many cultures and traditions that believe that a third-eye exists between the eyebrows. It is believed that between the eyes has an association with subtler realms. Therefore, gently pouring a liquid on the forehead helps to clean and remove blockages from the energy channels, and awakens intuition.

Improves Sleep

Sleep loss is a common problem these days and it adds up to hypertension, anxiety, and stress. Constant sleep deprivation can also make a person lethargic and emotionally undermined. Shirodhara treatment from
Jindal Nature Cure Bangalore has shown to improve sleep quality because it brings down the brain waves to a more relaxed alpha state.

Increases Immunity

Shirodhara treatment doesn’t only relieve a person from stress and worry but also helps to balance the doshas. The faculty at Jindal Naturecure states that Shirodhara treatment helps to keep the mind-body constitution strong and thus increase immunity.

Conclusion To conclude, there are many advantages of Shirodhara treatment, it taken from experts or from a reputed institution like Jindal Hospital Bangalore.

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