Weather Update: Rain May Occur In Delhi-NCR Even Today, Hail Is Expected To Fall

Heavy Rain

The weather changed once again on Friday evening in Delhi-NCR. After late evening, some areas received rain in the night. According to the India Meteorological Department, rain is forecast in Delhi-NCR on Saturday as well. Saturday will be cloudy throughout the day and sleet is also likely to fall in many areas. Due to this, the cold will remain on Saturday.

Increase in maximum temperature

Due to the effect of western disturbance, this change is coming in the weather of Delhi-NCR. Earlier on Friday, the maximum temperature increased as compared to other days. On Friday, the maximum temperature was 28.3 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was 13.8 degrees Celsius. However, the maximum temperature has been reported to be one degree Celsius lower. 

The weather will change from sunday

According to the Meteorological Department, the weather will start changing from Sunday. It is estimated that the maximum temperature of Delhi will reach 30 ° C by 18-19 March. At the same time, the minimum temperature can also rise to 17 degrees due to hot air moving due to sunny blossoms during the day.

According to the Meteorological Department, the weather will change from next week and the maximum temperature will reach 33 to 34 degree Celsius by the end of March while by the second week of April it will cross 35 degrees. In April itself it can touch even 40 ° C.

Temperature will increase rapidly in April

Skymet Weather chief meteorologist Mahesh Palawat said that colds, coughs, colds, etc. usually end with increasing temperature. But it is difficult to say anything about Corona right now. However, due to the delay of two weeks, the heat has moved forward a few days. It is expected that both the heat and temperature will come to their color in April.

It is being told that this year the temperature will increase by 1 to 1.5 degree Celsius during the summer season. The maximum temperature can reach 45 ° C by the end of the month of May.

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