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Successful Managing Director in Energy and Water Industry 2022 – Tsur Ben David

Successful Managing Director in Energy and Water Industry 2022 - Tsur Ben David

When it comes to the energy and water industry, Tsur Ben David is the name that you will surely find on the list. Why? Keep on reading this post to learn more about the same.

Tsur Ben David is the founder and acting CEO of well-known CET Enviro. With management experience of around 27 years in the energy and water industries, he has a stronghold on various projects in CleanTech. If we talk about his previous work experiences, then he has worked as a pilot in Air Force. Apart from this, he has marked his name with golden words as a serial entrepreneur in the sector of Clean Tech.

Thanks to his diverse work experience, he is today capable of bringing pragmatic, goal-oriented, and results-driven approaches. With his extensive knowledge base and work experience in the local as well as international business development processes, he specialized in pinpointing and creating solid commercial relationships and associations in the potential (international) marketplaces. He also knows how to recruit the right strategic partners to meet the goals set and reach newer milestones.

Tsur Ben David: More than Just a Name in the Industry

Anyone familiar with the energy and water industries will surely give you a brief about the personality and professional journey of Tsur Ben David. After spending so many years in the industry, today, he is best known for his creating thinking, professional approaches, and committed yet professional behavior. Apart from this, he has hands-on experience in handling international businesses, markets, technologies, and channel developments. All these helped him run CET Enviro on a successful note.

What CET Enviro is all about?

Set up by the country’s best and a highly successful entrepreneur – Tsur Ben David, CET Enviro is bringing the most advanced, well-proven, and nature-friendly (green) innovative technologies in the market for commercial and industries cooling facilities. The solutions designed by this prominent firm include optimizing water-cooled chillers, tube heat exchangers, surface condensers, energy monitoring systems, industrial shells, water testing equipment, SBR, and so on.

In addition to eco-friendly solutions, this organization keeps customer services on the top of its ‘to-do’ list. Hence, they ensure 24/7 working customer support facilities along with proactive and expert services. The technical or customer care team of CET Enviro is available in the different cities of the country offering solutions needed to achieve the energy-saving targets.

Director’s Vision is the Secret of Success of CET Enviro

The vision of a company tells so many things about it and its reputation. And Tsur Ben David really cares for it. Hence, he has a very clear vision – to combine his venture’s value with the market’s value to contribute more to the conservation of natural resources like water and energy. And to achieve the same, they are offering solutions to keep the water sources free from different pollutants. They are also doing everything possible to prevent the energy wastage that is responsible for releasing pollutants. This is something that makes CET Enviro a market leader in such a market.

In a nutshell

Anyone – be it an individual or an organization looking for effective energy-saving measures should get in touch with CET Enviro. This firm set up by Tsur Ben David is committed to delivering consistency in customer services and excellence in the solutions designed and distributed by them. So, saving water, energy, and nature is not a difficult task anymore. Just count on this leading organization to modify your existing cooling solutions in a positive manner.

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