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Ronaldo removed the Coca-Cola bottle from the press conference, the coach was left scratching his head – VIDEO Viral


Ronaldo gave a message, the coach was left scratching his head-

Cristiano Ronaldo is a very good footballer. Indian cricket star Virat Kohli is his big fan. He is a fitness freak who is known to have a very disciplined lifestyle and his strong muscles show that the player is getting more and more diligent as he gets older.

He may be 36 years old at this time but his fitness is still like a 25-year-old youth. He once again proved why he has so many fans in the world.

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This case is before the opening match of Euro 2020 when Portugal’s team was to play against Hungary before the press conference and Cristiano Ronaldo was in front of reporters with his coach Fernando Santos.

Ronaldo came calmly and sat in the press conference but his eyes were fixed on the two Coca-Cola bottles in front of him.

Ronaldo also tried to save his eyes but what was going on in his mind came to the fore.

He later picked up the two bottles and put them aside. The coaches were completely shocked after seeing this activity of Ronaldo.

He also tried to ignore the matter but after seeing Ronaldo, his eyes also fell on the two Coca-Cola bottles placed in front of him.

However, the coach could not show such courage as he and quietly, scratching his head, waiting for the question of the journalists.

I don’t like junk food and drinks

The funny thing is that Ronaldo then picked up the water bottle and in a way indicated to everyone that they drink water instead.

Ronaldo has set a great example in front of many in his illustrious career.

Many people say that Lionel Messi is ahead of Ronaldo in talent but the kind of professionalism and hard work that Ronaldo does is incomparable in itself.

Virat Kohli is also a fan of Cristiano because of this. Ronaldo has told this before that he does not like junk food and drinks at all and he has said all these things in front of his son as well.

He recently told in a conversation, “Sometimes my son drinks Coca Cola and Fanta, he also eats chips and he knows that I don’t like it all.

” Ronaldo has given a message to his followers that they should eat healthy things, stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle, which requires some discipline.

Portugal’s campaign in Group of Death

Portugal’s team has been placed in the infamous Group F called Group of Death in Euro 2020.

It is a powerful group with Portugal having teams like France and Germany while Hungary is the fourth team.

Portugal started their campaign against Hungary on Tuesday. Portugal’s team won the Euro Cup trophy in 2016 by defeating France and are the defending champions.

This time too, on the basis of Ronaldo’s charisma, the Portuguese team will be hoping to repeat this feat.

Apart from this, Ronaldo may also have some personal achievements to his name. His goal should be to surpass Iran legend Ali Dei’s international goal at Euro 2020.

Ali has scored 109 goals in professional football while playing for his country while Ronaldo currently has 104 goals.

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