Ritika Phogat

Ritika Phogat suicide case: Babita Fougat’s maternal sister was defeated by just one issue, broke and ended her life

Ritika Phogat

Dangal girl Babita Faugat’s maternal sister Ritika Phogat lost the final

In the state championship by a margin of just one point. With this defeat, she broke so badly that she ended her life.

She was playing in the 53 kg category. Prior to this, she had participated in the state-level competition about four times.

On the other hand, the whole family is shocked by this sudden incident.

Vacation in school, training was not done in the academy,

Ritika Phogat

after this incident, a holiday was declared in the school run by Mahabir Faught.

Also, the players were not trained in the wrestling academy run in the school.

In the academy, around 50 players are trained in the morning and evening.

Psychiatrist’s opinion is that failure in life shows the path to success. Failure means the first attempt to learn.

Must have the tolerance to digest the necklace. One should not give up in life. Coaches etc. should also consult the players from time to time.

Opportunities keep coming in life. Morale should not be broken when lost. Life should not be lost.

Need to learn from defeat. Defeat in the game teaches the player something new.

Trying to remove mistakes should move forward. -Ghanshyam, Teacher Instructor.
Ritika Phogat lost the final by a margin of just one point. She was playing in the 53 kg category.- Dilbag, Incharge, Jhojhuklaan

Many times the players who have given their lives in the game are unable to tolerate defeat. In such a situation, they forget the sportsman spirit and do something which is very heavy on their life.

One such shocking news is coming from the sports world. After losing the final match of Kushti, young Indian women wrestler Ritika Kumari has made suicide

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People are shocked by this news on social media too.

Ritika was the maternal sister of India’s star wrestler Babita and Geeta Phogat. He hanged himself in the village Balali on the night of 15 March.

Ritika participated in the state-level sub-junior, junior women’s, and men’s wrestling tournaments held at Lohagarh Stadium in Bharatpur in Rajasthan from March 12-14.

The final match of the tournament was played on 14 March, in which Ritika lost the match by one point.

She was in shock since this defeat, after which she committed suicide by hanging a fan with a scarf in the house of Balali village on the night of 15 March.

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