Rhea Chaktraborty Interview: Sister Shweta, who was upset after spoiling Sushant’s image after death, gave an answer to a question.

New Delhi Riya Chakraborty, the chief accused in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, made some allegations against Sushant’s family in an interview to a channel. Riya said that Sushant did not have a cordial relationship with his family. Riya also claimed that Sushant had not spoken to his father for the last 5 years. Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti has given answers to all such allegations.

Shweta took to Twitter and tweeted.¬†The first tweet by Shweta after the interview aired was – “I wish brother never met this girl.”¬†Giving him drugs without anyone’s consent and then taking him to a psychiatrist to convince him that you are not well.¬†What level of deception is this.¬†How will you free your soul from sin.¬†You have done so much. ”

Sushant was  addicted to drugs

Shweta also lashed out at Riya’s national TV channel for tarnishing Sushant’s image.¬†Riya revealed in the interview that Sushant was addicted to taking a banned narcotic substance.¬†Shweta wrote- “You have so much courage inside me to come to the national media and bet on the image of my holy brother after his death.”¬†What do you think God is not seeing what you did.¬†I believe in God and I believe.¬†Now I want to see what he does to you. ”

Sushant’s family relations were bad

Riya emphasized in her interview that Sushant’s relationship with his family was not good. Shweta wrote on this – “As Riya mentioned in her interview, we did not love our brother. That’s right, that’s why in January, as soon as I came to know that my brother is coming to Chandigarh and his health is not good, I brought a flight from America to India. I had to leave my business and leave the children alone. ‚ÄĚShweta has also posted her air ticket in this tweet. 

Shweta further wrote that the worst thing was that I still could not meet her, because by the time I reached there, my brother had left Chandigarh, because Riya was calling constantly and had some work. The family has always stood with him as a rock.

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