Atomic Bomb

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Atomic Bomb
Atomic Bomb

Pakistan’s Turkish love is not well known. He has played with Pakistan’s blind eye. He has always stood by Pakistan in the India-Pakistan disputes. Turkey was the only nation in Central Asia, which has openly supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. But with Turkey’s announcement that it will become nuclear. Surprised the whole world. Once again Pakistan is in the news. It is expected that Pakistan will help him in making the atomic bomb. The news of Turkey’s atomic bombings comes at a time when its attacks are continuing in North Syria and the US is worried about the safety of the Kurds. He has also been a victim of America’s wrath. In such a situation, America’s concern about making Turkey’s atomic bomb is imminent.

The US is in a tizzy following this statement by Turkish President Recep Tayyab Erdogan. In a report on Monday, the New York Times questioned its US policies, saying that if the US is unable to protect the Kurds from Turkish attacks, how can it prevent them from building nuclear bombs. This report states that nuclear-rich Turkey is dangerous for peace and stability in Central Asia.

Pakistan is also under question because 15 years ago, Pakistan’s nuclear smuggler Abdul Qadir Khan said that he had sold nuclear technology to some countries. However, recently Russia was also named in the case that it can sell nuclear technology to Turkey. In such a situation, when the discussion of making nuclear bomb in Turkey is hot, in such a situation, the needle of suspicion on Pakistan is bound to turn. Let us know that the President of Turkey has expressed a desire to make nuclear. However, recently Turkish President Recep Tayyab Erdogan expressed his wish that Turkey wants to build a nuclear bomb.

  • Turkey’s preparations to build a nuclear state can be gauged from the fact that it has accumulated reserves of uranium. He has also started working on reactors.
  • Turkish nuclear bomb makers help Abdul Qadir Khan import nuclear materials from Europe. 
  • Doubts on Pakistan are not unfounded. Even before this, Pakistan has been accused that North Korea has sold nuclear technology to Iran and Libya. It is believed that Turkey will now be the fourth country. 

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