Jignesh Barasara- Essential Business Skills


Jignesh Barasara is one of the most young pioneer of the entrepreneur world. He heads the business entrepreneur world both as a businessman and also as a mentor. As per him its vital to have certain types of pre-requisite skills before you start a business and some of them are listed as below:-

  • Know Yourself:- Understand that taking some time to know yourself is a boon for you both professionally as well as personally. It is one of the finest things that you would accomplish of all times. Don’t think that taking time to know yourself is selfish, because its not. This will help you to be a successful entrepreneur ,improve communication skills, learn problem solving skills, motivate others, learn management skills, learn to inspire others and keep learning new things in your industry.
  • Know Your Talent:– Everything you need to live, according to your true nature to fulfill your nature on earth is already available on earth in the form of your talents. Talents are the inborn gifts found within yourself. Some of these might already be developed whereas some may be yet to be discovered. Any case, if you need to be happy and successful both in life and business, you would have to start expressing your most important talent. These key talents are already the central part of your business driving force. Its on some purpose that you have been bestowed with these talents and not others.
  • Believe in Yourself:- When you are involved in any type of business, check your belief system everytime you set a new goal. The first step that you need to perform when you set a new goal is believe you can accomplish it. When you have the habits where you say to yourself that you can’t reach your goal, you certainly can’t. Make certain that you can reach your goals and you are already half way there. So, create appropriate self -talk which will help you achieve that. There are further seven tips to achieve your goals:- Plan your goals, Maintain your focus , Stick to your plan, Avoid losing momentum , Monitor yourself, Keep in mind that no idea is insignificant, always think positive and fuel your goals with gratitude.
  • Don’t listen to negative remarks:- There are those people who will argue, complain and only fight. All they want is the attention it brings not the truth. Hitting the delete button is the best way to deal with them. Don’t even try to explain them anything about what your plans are.
  • Learn from past:- Life teaches us lessons to learn from our past mistakes. Mistakes are part of the growth process that contains many life lessons hidden in them and how we choose to learn from them is life enhancing factor in the growth. Understand and believe that you have that vigor to move ahead and achieve success. Build a library of the tasks that others called upon you to do them and the tasks that gave you success.
  • Overcome fear of failure:- Everyone wants to achieve success but only few brave ones are able to do it. These kinds of people are those who take actions and do everything that they could do to achieve their goals. There are five tips that can be used to overcome fear of failure:- Accept responsibility and don’t blame others, Concentrate on the positive and not the negative, study your experiences both good and bad, consider your failures as an asset and overcome them with success.

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