Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan films are full of action, ‘Kung Fu Master’ made from five-year martial artist

Jackie Chan

Whenever we talk of action films, the films of actor Jackie Chan are definitely named.

This martial artist of Hong Kong started his career at the age of 5 only. With the age of Jackie Chan, the list of his films also increased.

Not only this, he was treated like a replacement for Bruce Lee on screen. Jackie Chan has also been awarded titles such as ‘Hong Kong Avenue of Stars’ and ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame. Today on 7 April Jackie Chan turns 66.

Today we are going to tell you about some special action films by Jackie Chan, which is a must-watch.

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Jackie Chan Hu mi?

He worked as an assistant director and assistant writer in the film ‘Who Am I’. Chan played the role of a secret soldier in the film.

Who is on a mission to bust three scientists. The plot of the film then takes an interesting turn after Chan’s memory is lost in the film.

The film pairs the audience with comedy with action.

Jackie Chan: Police Story

He has played the role of a cop in the film ‘Police Story’. Who later absconds after being falsely implicated.

The comic timing and stunt action of the film is so great that you will have fun after watching the film.

Jackie has specifically mentioned this film in his biopic and said that it was his best action film. Not only this, five sequel films were made in this franchise after praising the first part.

In the Rumble in the Bronx

action-comedy film ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ Chan plays the role of a Hong Kong cop who arrives in New York to help his uncle sell the supermarket.

This is followed by several twists in the story and Jackie finds herself involved in a crime with criminals.

Through his police-based films, Chan has always been seen as special.

In Drunken Master II

Drunken Master II Chan reprises his role as a famous martial artist. The film was a sequel to ‘Drunken Master’ but the film is treated as a reboot.

Jackie Chan, along with his comedy timing, also gave many action scenes through this film.

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