How to expand customer base by including social media technology


As a business entrepreneur of today’s world, it is very important for you to be in sync with the latest text and simultaneously make them a part of your business. Jignesh Barasara, the great business entrepreneur of the 21st century lays huge emphasis on including the usage of social media technology to enhance the customer base as technology today can do wonders. Even in the time of pandemics, it has kept us connected to each other both for personal and professional reasons.

Hence, there is no second thought about the fact that usage of social media technology in your business can deliver far fetched results and expand your customer base in a very short duration of time. More number of customers is directly proportional to more profit and hence more growth of your business. The top-notch business entrepreneur of the current era Jignesh Barasara has explained more than one way in which the inclusion of social media technology can help you expand your customer base. Some ways to include social media technology in businesses are listed as follows:-

Respect every response:-

Often we think that when we post about our business for its marketing or promotion on any social media platforms, we end up getting very little response. The main trick or jack to fix this problem is to respond to every comment, like, share that you get, no matter if the number of likes, comments, shares is small or large.

Replying to each of them will keep the momentum going and of course, it will also help you understand where to take the leads from and who is interested. Also when people find their response being valued, they would spread your business through word of mouth and hence your customer base will automatically go up. This particular rule applies to every social media site from Facebook to LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

LinkedIn Specific Formula:-

This particular technique is especially applicable for LinkedIn. Whenever you are sharing any kind of description or ideas from your website’s on LinkedIn, make sure to keep the length of your sentences very short. A sentence of one or two likes would suffice and maximum it can go to 3-4. If you have further content which is important enough, you can include it in the see more link part. In LinkedIn, the more people click on your see more link part of your content, the more viral it becomes. This quick technique can get you way more traffic and engagement on LinkedIn in the form of new customers in a very short period.

Don’t limit:-

Some people are quite reluctant to expose their business ideas on social media sites like Facebook. When looking for new customers for your business, don’t at all limit yourself to not exposing your market through these social media platforms. Remember the golden rule, no matter how good your service or product is but until you show it out well, it won’t help you earn bread and butter. Business these days has completely gone social.  Posting about your business and the values that your business promotes twice or thrice a week is enough to keep you going in the race.


Usage of technology, especially social media, is indispensable these days. There is hardly any business that is left untouched from this culture and business entrepreneurs have welcomed it with open arms for the social media revolution has done and will keep doing wonders for the businesses.

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