How do I become a businessman?

How do I become a businessman?

How do I become a businessman?

Anil Ambani has explained various methods and ways about how one can become a business man

Prepare yourself first in all these areas—

Start studying it–and get a job–to learn what it is like to work for someone and to see different management styles and how people interact in the work environment–

Here are some mentors–

Study the most important skill in business…sales–nothing happens until something is sold–you use it every day selling your opinions, ideas, positions, products–if you want to learn from two of the best, look at Jordan Belfort’s Straightline method–or Grant Cardone’s programs…he even has some free resources on line on his site and on Youtube–Jordan is smooth and “elegant” as he says–Grant is more cocky but serious also–
Study the most important skill in life…persuasion and influence–you use it every day–look up Paul Mascetta’s programs–

The better your marketing, the easier your sales will be–as Dan Kennedy says–study his works–
Think of everything in your business as either Marketing(Advertising, Sales) or Management–Dan Kennedy–

Study all of Dan Pena’s free material, books, seminars on line–it’s all free–nobody else does this–take advantage of it–Youtube him also–he is the master–old, wise one with a wealth of knowledge–curses like a sailor so get used to it–

Study and read Keith Cunningham’s books”Keys to the Vault” & “Ultimate Blueprint to Insanely Successful Business” –will teach you about angel investors and venture capitalists, business plans, target markets, competition, risks & rewards, management and more–he made $600 million or so, lost it on questionable investments, and made it back and then some–that is someone to learn from–you can get them through Kindle–

Learn to write copy for your ads–look up John Carlton’s programs –some of the best–subscribe to his emails–
 Subscribe to Bencivenga’s Bullets–a legend– one of the best ever–

Learn how to do presentations, Youtube Patricia Fripp–another legend–the ways she pauses when doing presentations is genius–will learn a lot from her–

Study Dan Lok’s books and videos–

Online business or Offline?
 Offline–You need to build a team–the size of your business will determine what kind of team you need and how big–
 Rather small business:
 You need some help–partners–one of you should be the …
 – artist/ technician
 – one the manager
 – one the entrepreneur/ creator/ risk-taker

Study your competition–see what makes them profitable–see what their weaknesses are–

Embrace uncertainty–the biggest trait of successful entrepreneurs is the willingness to handle uncertainty

–embrace uncertainty each day where you go to where your fear is

–the fears we don’t face become our limits

Business plans are great, but never seen one fail on paper–

–There is uncertainty at every turn

–The strongest trees don’t grow in the best soil…they grow in the strongest winds

–Learning to approach and accept that level of adversity and uncertainty is where entrepreneurs start to shine

–Being an entrepreneur is a life that inherently includes more uncertainty

There are others to learn from out there, but these would be my first recommendations— wish I knew all their material 30 years ago—I would be very wealthy now—

These will help prepare you–

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