COVID 19 FIGHT: Akshay Kumar distributes one thousand wrist band to Mumbai Police, will be careful with the symptoms of Corona

New Delhi Akshay Kumar is cooperating in every way at his level in the fight against Corona virus. On the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he contributed Rs 25 crore to the PM Cares Fund. He has now distributed 1000 wrist bands for the Mumbai Police, which will help in identifying the symptoms of Kovid 19. 

Akshay Kumar is also the brand ambassador of the company making these wrist bands. This band is tied on the wrist like a watch. The sensors involved monitor body temperature, heart rate, number of steps with blood pressure and calories. The most important step in identifying an infection with the corona virus is temperature. 

Earlier, Akshay had also donated Rs 2 crore to the Police Foundation to help the Mumbai Police fight the corona virus. Mumbai Police Commissioner thanked him for this and Akshay saluted Mumbai Police Head Constable Chandrakant Pendurkar and Sandeep Surve, whose lives went off in the Corona Virus Epidemic. 

Apart from this, Akshay also donated Rs 3 crore to BMC to buy PPE, mask and rapid testing kit. Through social media, Akshay is constantly making people aware in the fight against Corona virus. He inspired people to do self-isolation through videos on social media. To encourage the doctors, medical staff, cleaning staff and all the other people involved in the fight against the corona virus, Akshay had started a campaign to speak thank you on social media.    

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