Bigg Boss 13: Shahnaz Gill reveals about boyfriend, why breakup happened

New Delhi Katrina of Punjab i.e. Shahnaz Gill is in the discussion from ‘Bigg Boss 13’ for some reason or the other. His style of speaking, his innocence, his childishness are being liked by the people. At the same time, Shahnaz is in constant discussion about the proximity with Paras and Siddharth Shukla. In fact, when Shahnaz entered Bigg Boss house, he was seen very close to Paras Chhabra, though in a few days, there was a feud between the two and the two split into different groups.

After this, Shahnaz became good friends with Siddharth Shukla.¬†But so far no love angle has been shown in the house.¬†Meanwhile, Shahnaz has made a disclosure in the show about his boyfriend.¬†In the unseen uncovered video of ‘Bigg Boss 13’, it is shown that Shahnaz is telling her ex boyfriends to Rashmi Desai, Devolina and Shefali.¬†Shahnaz has also explained why he broke up.

Shahnaz said that his boyfriend is a big businessman from Chandigarh. They were friends at first, but he cared for Shahnaz so much that she started liking him, after which they both dated each other for about 2 years, but then later they separated. After this Devolina asked Shahnaz why did you have a breakup?

Shahnaz said that he had started to get very intoxicated.¬†He started taking drugs.¬†I had started getting so much intoxicated that I had made my condition worse by crying.¬†Without which I could not live for a moment, he left me and left ‘.¬†Shehnaz also revealed that she lived in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend.¬†He and the family of the boyfriend tried hard to get him out of the drug but he did not stop taking drugs.¬†After this they both separated and the boyfriend got married.

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