Ayushmann Khurrana On 2021: Ayushmann Khurrana claims, many powerful films to be released in 202

New Delhi, JNN l¬†Film actor Ayushmann Khurrana has taken tremendous advantage of the time he got during the coronavirus epidemic. He has had more than one movie story, many of which he has converted into films. He is now releasing in 2021. Describing this, Ayushman Khurana said, ‘This year was very good for me. I was able to focus on my things. I got an opportunity to read many good stories, some of which I have done films and I want to Now viewers see them.

Ayushman Khurana also said, “People’s attitude has changed due to Corona. The industry has to make good films so that people come back to theaters. I have done many good films and I want to be released in 2021 and the audience will like it.”

Ayushman Khurana played the role of a gay man in the 2020 film ‘Shubh Mangal More Savdhaan’. While talking about this, Ayushman Khurana said, ‘In my films from Vicky Donor till now, I have tried this that the society There should be talk of a change with the society. The society will have to change its outlook. With Shubh Mangal more careful I also tried to do something similar. The film was based on gay relationships. ‘

Ayushman Khurana is a Bollywood actor. He has acted in many films. His debut film Vicky Donor was also very much liked. On this occasion Ayushmann also spoke on his association with UNICEF. He said, ‘I am thankful for this I was able to join UNICEF this year and learn a lot about violence against children.¬†This campaign is close to my heart and I have made every effort to continuously raise awareness on this subject.¬†I will continue my work on this as it has been an eye-opening campaign for me.¬†I want all parents to understand how children can be at risk and hence they have to be protected from these challenges. ‘

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