After Returning Healthy, The First Patient Of Delhi Said, ‘Nobody Can Beat Corona, I Beat’

The capital’s first corona virus-infected patients have now returned home to recover. He believes that no one can beat Corona. He is an example for this. They are not convinced that they have defeated this virus which has killed hundreds of people of the world. He is thanking the government and the health department for this.

The textile businessman living in Mayur Vihar Phase-II was discharged from Safdarjung Hospital on 14 March. Currently, he will be isolated in his home for 14 days. During this time, they will not have contact with outsiders. In the phone conversation he told that two days have passed. There are about 12 days left. After that, he too will be able to breathe in the open air.

Doctors dare

He told that when Corona was confirmed in him on February 29, it once felt that life was over now. At the same time, the family started worrying. But the doctors at Safdarjung Hospital gave him considerable courage. The doctors assured him that he would return from here only after recovering. This boosted his confidence. After his treatment on March 9, the report came back negative.

After this, the test took place again on 11 March. The report was also negative in this. It was then decided to be discharged from Safdarjung Hospital. A total of six people who came in contact with him were infected. Four of them have returned home. Two are currently in hospital. Both are constantly being talked on the phone. Talking to them also boosted their confidence. They hope to return home soon. It is sad if some people are still not coming forward after getting corona virus infected. He is creating problems for his family and others. Like me, they should also come forward, get treatment and get healthy and return home.

When doctors gave juice with their money

He said that in today’s time when no one asks for water, two doctors of Safdarjung Hospital ordered juice from their money and fed them. He told that one day two doctors came to the ward wearing masks. I said, can I get juice? On this, both the doctors asked for money from their pockets.

Time spent in the ward with phones and books

He said that the government has provided excellent facilities in Safdarjung Hospital. He was treated very well by doctors and nurses. This is the reason why he recovered quickly. He told that he had a mobile in the ward so that he could keep in touch with his relatives through video calls. Along with this, books were also made available for him to read. Mobile and books were sanitized and given to them. Many family members have sought vows for him by visiting several religious places. When he gets out of the house, he will go to those places first.

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