Amanda Gorman

22-year-old poem by Amanda Gorman that made Joe Biden’s swearing memorable

Amanda Gorman

Joe Biden throws ‘Trump Card’ in shock, gets ‘Black America One’ message from black girl Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman Inauguration 2021 Poem: Young poetess Amanda Gorman wins all of Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.

President of Washington America, Joe Biden began his term by delivering the message ‘Make America One Again’.

In his swearing-in ceremony, Biden not only gave a message of solidarity to America by giving black young poet Amanda Gorman a chance, but also responded to Donald Trump’s splitting policies.

Amanda has become the youngest poet to recite poetry at the President’s swearing-in ceremony.

Amanda emphasized ‘unity and cohesion’ in her own written poem. Amanda’s poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ was seen not only by the people present at the swearing-in, but also by millions of people worldwide

“I can also dream of becoming President in this country”, the young poet also referred to the violence in the US Parliament Capitol Hill recently.

He said, ‘We saw a force that would destroy our country rather than share it. This effort was successful to a large extent but things may be delayed in democracy but it cannot be defeated forever.

In her poem, Amanda describes herself as a black girl raised by her mother. He said that I can also dream of becoming President in this country.

Amanda is a writer and poetess who became the country’s first national youth poet in the year 2017.
Before reciting the poem, he said that I want to teach solidarity, cooperation and living together through my words. He said, ‘I think this is a new chapter in the history of America. President Joe Biden also emphasized solidarity in his speech.
Referring to the incident that happened in the past in Capital Hill, he said that during that time we saw a force that can destroy our country rather.

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