Why Eric Anklesaria choose to become a financial expert?

The special ability to achieve exceptional feats towards excellence makes Eric Anklesaria a well-known personality in the corporate finance sector. It was his dream from childhood age to bring a noticeable change in whatever field he is going to enter. The ability to successfully execute his approaches in the business world encouraged him to step into the financial services sector.

Way back in the late 1990s, he got an opportunity to work with a software products & services company as a software developer & support engineer. Eric jimmy Anklesaria Being a software professional there for two years, he was also instrumental in different types of financial practices and has performed more than 200 conversations for multiple public sectors and cooperative banks in India. He was very optimistic about catering his skills to a new type of finance professional and can deliver the best out of his skills.

Eric Anklesaria Recognized as an important cog in the finance sector

Eric at that point was waiting for the very first big opportunity to implement his innovative ideas and strategies to guide organizations to the next progressive era. Eric jimmy Anklesaria was a brilliant scholar and after completing his graduation in Commerce, he decided to earn a diploma in Business Management. His approach was clear as he acquired this certification when he was engaged with his very first job at the software product company.

Eric Anklesaria was never afraid of difficulties and challenges and hence, he decided to go for a post-graduate certification in Business Management. While acquiring this degree, he also earned a prestigious certification from the Bombay Management Association and become a certified Consumer Banker in 2002. His never-give-up attitude brought him close to his dreams when the largest global assurance and advisory firm in India, Ernst & Young LLP provided him with the opportunity to be a Management Trainee in the company.

Eric Jimmy anklesaria efforts in the finance sector

Eric was desperate to achieve top heights in the financial services sector. Therefore, he made extraordinary efforts in the company and help them to grow their business to new global markets. According to Eric anklesaria, he became the youngest partner in the financial services of the company.

Eric jimmy anklesaria excellent performace in management

This huge promotion was the result of his extraordinary performance as he has served with the best intention in the management section of the company and opened new funnels to set future goals.

Eric Achievements That makes him best

  1. Eric was being there for nearly 14 years and has won impeccable KPIs during his tenure
  2. He was promoted to a partner in financial services after 10 years of practice as a Management Trainee
  3. he won all the public sector bank tenders for IT strategy core banking and project management
  4. he garnered more than 90% share of all public sector banks for the company.
  5. he also won multiple awards and was ranked one of the highest performers across all years
  6. he handled multiple global engagements in countries like South Asia, the UK, the US etc
  7. He also conducted the IBA technology awards 3 years in a row while being at that position.

This was the turning point in his career phase as he never turned back after this opportunity. Eric jimmy Anklesaria gained immense knowledge about business and technology-centred initiatives. He gained expertise in the financial services sector and right now his 20+ experience covers a wide array of industrial solutions including core banking transformations, CRM strategy, warehousing analytics, IT-enabled business transformation, Data warehousing, risk and finance advisory, payments advisory and much more.


Eric has now become the epitome of providing strategic financial guidance to all types of clients and organizations across the globe. His dedication to achieving outstanding results in most situations makes him the very best financial expert and this is what for which he was looking forever.

Leaders like Eric Anklesaria are an inspiration to all the young talents who look forward to creating a buzz and setting new benchmarks in the corporate finance sector. His valuable insights offer businesses to capitalize on new opportunities and propel the business forward.

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