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Why Do Self Studies Matter Along with Chemistry Coaching?

Are you a student of Bagchi Sir Chemistry who is taking up coaching classes? While coaching classes of Chemistry will be good for you, you should ensure that you are doing self-study as well. As an experienced chemistry teacher, Shibapratim Bagchi suggests that as a method of learning, self-study means that you study chemistry yourself for a certain duration of time. During this time, you study the subject all by yourself, without the help of anyone present.

That means you are under your own supervision while studying chemistry chapters. This method of learning enables you to have control of what you’re learning and proves to be valuable.

Let us read ahead and explore more reasons for doing self-study along with taking chemistry coaching.

Self-study Enables You to Gain Greater Information About a Subject

Bagchi sir chemistry has made an interesting point when it comes to self-studying. According to him, when a student commits himself to self-studying, he gets a chance to gain more information. Meaning to say, when you study in a chemistry class or in a lecture, you get to know what your teacher or lecturer is sharing with you.

While that is also important, you can come across more information when you study the same by yourself.

Self-study Helps You in Learning More Effectively

During self-study time, you get to read and understand a certain chapter, topic, theory or concept of chemistry. This is the time when along with learning, you can make yourself connect really well with what you are studying. Additionally, you can deeply think about what you are self-studying.

By enabling you to learn very effectively during this time period, you are also able to memorize the information in a better way, adds Bagchi sir chemistry.

Self-study can Improve Your Self-esteem

This chemistry teacher is also of the opinion that students who do self-study regularly have better self-esteem. It must be noted that this method of learning makes you better in understanding the subject. When you understand it finely, you will feel more confident about it. Further, it must also be noted that when you are confident, you are able to perform better during the chemistry examinations. Thus, your self-esteem also rises.

Self-study Improves Your Speed of Learning

As is said by Bagchi sir chemistry, in some instances it was seen that there were students who greatly rely on coaching classes of chemistry. For these students, attending the coaching after school or college was sufficient enough to perform well in this subject. Contrary to them, students who were doing self-study in addition to coaching had a better speed of learning the subject.


Self-studying is a method of learning that improves you in chemistry. It helps you get more information about what you are studying. It makes your learning of chemistry more effective. Self-studying adds a lot to your self-esteem. And additionally, your speed of learning the subject becomes better. Thus, along with coaching, doing self-study will greatly benefit you. Follow S. Bagchi Classes for regular update: