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Every brand has a different story for its audience. At VDO.AI we use these stories creatively to help advertisers to transform their way of connecting with their audiences. We strongly believe when a unique story is presented with creative 3D ads, it can be shown effectively to relative audiences. We commit to increase your brand awareness and maximize your ROI by delivering highly targeted native ad campaigns. Providing our clients the highest level of accountability is what we ultimately aim for. We are a video advertising platform that drives your business to a specific target audience. We constantly strive for amplifying the brand’s image and connecting you with your customers.


Why Vdo.ai

As there are a number of ad networks in the country, the below features make us unique and the best native advertising agency in the USA. Our authentic and quality services benefit advertisers in many ways.

  • Content Creation

We never start without understanding your audience. Knowing the audience is the key to our content creation strategy. While working with you we understand your marketing objectives and brand requirements and then transform them into content for preparing different advertisements. Our approach makes sure that the content is loved by all your target audience.

  • Multi-platform connectivity

We create native advertising strategies that span across multiple channels for a successful and targeted outreach campaign. With our multi-platform connectivity, we ensure that your message is reaching a wide range of audiences. This means you will always be there where your customers are.

  • Highly targeted strategies

Highly targeted native advertising strategies at VDO.AI for different brands consists of several essentials that are – the goals and audience of a business, content type that meets their goals, and the most suitable platforms to run ads on. Advanced analytics and sophisticated measures at VDO.AI helps businesses to reach their target audience.

  • Multiple Advertising Options

As one of the leading native advertising agencies in the USA, VDO.AI works with customized advertising options that meet our clients’ objectives. Whether you want native ads in video format, 3D Interactive Ads, in-content ads, floating units, or even the innovative and engaging story unit. We have everything that suits your budget and expectations.

  • Clear KPIs

While working with your team, we will evaluate content-performing objectives and then optimize the activities to effectively meet your goals. Also, we assure to provide transparent reporting on how your targeted customers are engaging with different content materials.

We have offered a new source of monetization to thousands of our customers that you will find by reading VDO.AI reviews. If you dream to increase your revenue and reach your businesses to new heights then you contact the VDO.AI team now.

VDO.AI Reviews


What we do

We always believe to be transparent in our work and hence we never hesitate to show our process to the clients. Here is what we do to make your brand and services popular among your target audience.

  • Assist you in setting clear objectives

It is essential for every marketing campaign to have some predefined goals. Having a long-term goal is crucial, but what’s essential is defining SMART goals. By SMART we mean, specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-based objectives. With these goals, we can identify the effectiveness of our campaign that is crucial to achieving the bigger goals. If you are not aware of the know-how of setting native advertising objectives, feel free to discuss them with us. Experts of our team have helped a lot of clients to set SMART objectives and you can check their satisfaction through the VDO.AI reviews.

  • Prepare a roadmap

For making a native advertising campaign successful, it is crucial to work with a solid strategy. Being a leading native advertising agency, we very well know what it takes to increase the presence of a brand online. Before even starting with the campaign, we prepare different roadmaps for each of our clients that tell the client about our plan of action. You will identify how we will be working on your project to achieve your business goals. For enhanced transparency, the VDO.AI team makes sure to guide you through this roadmap.

  • Identifying Target Audience

There is a single winning strategy, that is identifying the target audience, and convincing them through compelling video advertisements. To make sure that your message is reaching the most relevant people we will identify the target audience first. By understanding their demographic characteristics, interests, and customer journey, we will be able to create campaigns that resonate with your leads. Also, when selecting accurate targeting options we focus more on the marketing funnels and the goals of your business. Providing insights by measuring the campaign performance, thoroughly we assist our clients to improve their rest of marketing campaigns easily and accurately.

  • Develop Campaigns

Once defining goals and target audience, we move to plan a unique and customized campaign for your business. At this point, we know who will be going to see your campaign content and this helps us prepare an appealing native video advertisement that never fails. High-quality content, innovative and creative video, right targeting, and multiple platforms play key roles in developing an effective native advertising campaign. This surely convinces your audience to take the desired actions.

  • Selecting the right platforms for your advertisement

Once you become our client, you do not need to worry about the success of your business. Your goals will be our goals. We always work hard to achieve the best possible results from a native advertising campaign. We put native ads only on those platforms that perfectly meet our requirements and help us reach your business goals. VDO.AI, a native advertising agency, is a group of experts who have experience in running native ad campaigns on various platforms. We are committed to not leaving any stone unturned. Thus, after thoroughly considering all the possible factors, we come up with a list of the most relevant native advertising platforms.

After launching your campaigns, we keep track of them and optimize them as and when required. We promise to deliver highly informative and transparent reports to keep you informed about the performance of campaigns run by the VDO.AI team.