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Understanding Which Material is the Best for Fasteners by Neeraj Raja Kochhar

Neeraj Raja Kochhar, The materials for fasteners can vary as there are various options to choose from. Usually, these products can be found in aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, etc. Even when fasteners are available in so many materials, customers attempt to know which among them is the best. According to Neeraj Raja Kochhar, Viraj Profiles, the choice of the materials goes a long way in giving the fasteners their attributes. So, the strength, durability, corrosion resistance, etc., of the products will be based on the characteristics of the chosen material. In the opinion of Mr. Kochhar, stainless steel fasteners enjoy more popularity among the customers. Looking at the features of stainless steel and understanding why it is preferred for making fasteners can help you know why it is the best choice of material.

Stainless Steel as a Preferred Material for Fasteners

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As per a considerable number of customers, fasteners made from stainless steel are a part of their preference. Based on their usage and experience with these products, they hold the view that stainless steel is beneficial in many ways. So, the fasteners made from this material come to adopt these benefits which ultimately provide convenience to the customers, as can also be understood from Neeraj Raja Kochhar’s biography.

Unique Corrosion Resistance Property

Stainless steel is considered unique due to the benefits associated with it. One of these benefits is corrosion resistance. A major selling point of stainless steel is that it provides resistance to corrosion. This material comes with chromium in its formation. The presence of this element is around 10 percent. The availability of chromium in stainless steel enables it to create a very thin layer on the outer surface. This layer can be referred to as chromium oxide, as can be inferred from Neeraj Raja Kochhar’s biography. As it gets created on the outer surface, the instances of degradation get prevented.

Thus, when the usage of stainless steel fasteners involves the occurrence of oxidation, the properties of this material will function the best in making the products survive. Even when the fasteners have to be exposed to chemical reactions that can result in corrosion, this material will provide protection.

It can be important to understand that materials like stainless steel come with resistance to corrosion. However, this may not necessarily mean that the material is absolutely corrosion-proof. Thus, the products made from it, such as fasteners, can be vulnerable to corrosion but the chances of getting affected may be very low.

Ability to Repair itself

Mr. Kochhar’s biography has indicated that when chromium oxide gets created on the stainless steel fastener’s outer layer, oxidation is utilized by this product to work against oxidation only. In this sense, the product is endowed with a distinctive, as well as a smart, ability.

The presence of the film of chromium oxide not only makes fasteners of this material resistant to corrosion but also gives it the ability to repair itself. When such fasteners are used, dents, physical damages, etc., can occur. Choosing stainless steel as a material for fasteners can ensure that such damages do not affect the products, explains Neeraj Raja Kochhar, Viraj Profiles. As the process of self-repairing begins, the performance of the products does not reduce. In addition, its life gets extended.

Better Durability Expected

While purchasing fasteners, a concern of the customers is to select items that can be used for a long time. On the basis of the knowledge of Mr. Kochhar, it can be inferred that the durability of stainless steel fasteners is indeed impressive. The material enables the fasteners to survive temperatures that are very extreme. Even when the fasteners are put to use under the water, their durability shall not get affected.

Surprisingly, Neeraj Kochhar, Viraj Profiles, has shared that materials other than stainless steel may not enable the fasteners to enjoy such a benefit. Also, it should be observed that the price of stainless steel fasteners is affordable. At this price, getting such a huge benefit qualifies this material as the best one for making fasteners. In addition, when the durability of the fasteners made using stainless steel is high, the customers will not be required to make the purchase very frequently.

To Briefly Put it,

For a range of purposes, fasteners can be used for joining certain objects. Whether the objects have to be permanently or temporarily joined, these products can be essentially needed. When their usage is so important, the customers prefer to select fasteners made from the best material.

As per Neeraj Kochhar, Viraj Profiles, stainless steel can be a thoughtful choice for these products. The main reason for this is that the material is corrosion-resistant. There are also other properties of stainless steel such as its self-repairing ability and high durability. These properties help in making stainless steel fasteners strong and best for usage.


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