Philip Anandaraj - The Hotelier Revolutionising The Industry

Philip Anandaraj – The Hotelier Revolutionising The Industry

Philip Anandaraj - The Hotelier Revolutionising The Industry

Philip Anandaraj has made multitasking his forte. He has received academic training in various fields, hospitality being one of them. His journey towards success was a path traveled with courage, determination, and dedication. Today, he has established himself as a sought-after business leader. He has been investing in many small-scale projects and encouraging the young generation to participate in the service sector industry. Hospitality is a broad category in the service industry. It includes tourism, lodging, food, and drinks service, event planning, etc. This service sector is highly dependent on customer satisfaction. It requires the service provider to do detailed research about the market trends and segment their audience according to the services being provided and target them based on their needs.

Hotel and Hospitability

More than often people use the hotel and hospitality industry interchangeably. There is an obvious cross-over between these two service sector industries. However, one must look at the Hospitality industry as an umbrella term. It is a broad categorization that further gets segmented into different sectors such as accommodation, bars, cafés, restaurants, night-life, and varied travel and tourism services. The hotel industry is limited to facilitating guest accommodation and related services. There are multiple kinds of accommodation offerings. Hotel, Motels, Inns, Resorts, Hostels, Guesthouses, etc. Motels, for instance, are a small setup offering overnight stay to people traveling and are usually located on roadside and outskirts of towns. Whereas, Hotels and Resorts are more on the leisure stay extension. They offer premium services and are overlayed with additional amenities such as site visits, a gym, pool, sports, and other recreational activities. Investors indulge in hotel projects depending on the locality, target audience, and other demographic and environmental factors.

Managerial Skills for Hoteliers

Management as a subject, deals with business operations in various industries. The process from planning to executing all falls under managerial oversight. However, managerial skills are universal still there are specific skills that all hoteliers must possess to improve their performance. Some of the skills are –

Communication Skills – Every industry requires and values strong communication skills. The hospitality and tourism sector gives more attention to communication skills as hospitality is all about customer satisfaction. The hotel industry requires employees to interact and deal with people coming from varied demographic backgrounds, including ages, nationalities, and temperaments. Your employees are going to represent your brand hence it becomes important that they can communicate well and build connections with customers. Good communication skills encourage customers to engage with your brand again and again leading to customer loyalty and endorsements.

Cultural Awareness – Hoteliers must be aware of the cultural elements and other external environment practices. As a hospitality sector employee, your top priority becomes customer satisfaction and building good relations with your customers.

Cultural awareness requires being open to new ideologies and perceptions and allow yourself to indulge in those distinct cultural features. Philip Anandaraj has a working experience of more than 40 years and has traveled to more than 90 countries. He believes incorporating local and cultural elements is a great way to initiate your business and people will be able to relate with it and would be encouraged to interact with it.

Multitasking – The hospitality industry is kinder to professionals who know how to multitask. Offering premium services to customers includes being on your toes and being prepared to do all that they require. Multitasking skill comes very handily to the hotelier. They need to organize resources, look over the execution, command the preparations and manage the overall functions and services. Prioritizing and managing your time effectively and being able to handle pressure is part of multitasking skills. It prepares you to not lose your temper when things get chaotic and allows you to juggle between multiple things. Handling multiple responsibilities prepare you for taking and winning over challenges.


Philip Anandaraj hotelier has become a name that entrants in the hotel industry look up to. The man has put his heart in hospitality, squeezed the graduation learnings in it, and achieved the desired success through dedication and hard work. Today, he has built a large professional network and has been guiding people to participate in the desired market and taste the success benefiting from his work experience under his guidance. NURONTEK is the torchbearer, join us, and together let’s lead the path to success.