Nirbhaya Case Latest News: Read – How The Four Convicts Were Hanged, Could Not Scream Nor Shout

New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. 2012 Delhi Nirbhaya Case: Gangsters and Nirbhaya convicts Vinay Kumar Sharma, Pawan Kumar Gupta, Mukesh Singh (Mukesh Singh) and Akshay Kumar Singh (Akshay Kumar Singh) on Friday morning Hanged at exactly 5:30. On this occasion, 50 officers associated with the jail administration were present. During this time, the jail authorities present there had made such a strong arrangement, due to which the culprits did not get any chance to scream.

Earlier, complete preparations were made in Tihar jail in view of the hanging. Both the Superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent had met the four convicts of Nirbhaya during the execution process. Earlier all the four convicts were bathed and then they were dressed.  

Earlier on Friday, at 3:15 am, Nirbhaya’s convicts were woken up in his cell.¬†They were bathed after daily activities.¬†He was then served a light snack with tea as per his wish.¬†After this, the process of taking them out of the cell towards the hanging house was started.

After bathing, all four were taken to the hanging house of Tihar Jail No-3 wearing black clothes. Earlier all four also got morning tea, but not all the culprits drank tea.

This is how the culprit is hanged in jail

Prisoners’ hands are tied from behind before reaching the gallows.¬†The executioner then puts a cloth over the mouth and hangs the noose in the throat of the culprits.¬†The executioner then jerks the lever.¬†In India, hanging is done through long drops.¬†In this, the length of the rope is fixed according to the weight of the culprits, so that on the blow, its spine is broken along with the neck of the prisoner.¬†Please tell here that Afzal Guru was hanged in the year 2013 in Delhi’s Tihar Jail.¬†¬†

In India, there is a provision of hanging the prisoner in the morning, but the time of hanging varies from month to month. Mostly hanged between 6 and 7 am. In the Nirbhaya case, the court has issued a death warrant and has fixed the hanging time at 5:30 am. The reasoning behind this is that while the other prisoners in the prison are sleeping, those who hang in the morning do not have to wait for the whole day, so the mouth is hanged dark.

This important work is done before hanging

For hanging, the concerned prisoners or prisoners are taken to the gallows in time. According to the rules, during this period, in addition to the executioner, 3 officers, jail superintendent, medical officer and magistrate are compulsorily accompany. Just before the execution, the magistrate tells the death warrant after identifying the culprits, which are already signed by the convicts or convicts.

In the wake of the hanging, there was a gathering of common people outside Tihar Jail with media personnel since Thursday night. A large number of police personnel were deployed since the night in view of the possibility of uncontrolled mob.

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