Neetu Kapoor wrote love you on Alia Bhatt’s emotional post, so the actress replied like this

New Delhi Everyone knows about the relationship between Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor and the chemistry between the two. He kept this relationship hidden from his fans for a long time, but already his pictures told a lot. Now Alia has a very good bonding not only with Ranbir, but also with the Kapoor family. Recently, Alia appeared alongside Neetu Kapoor at the time of Rishi Kapoor’s death. Along with this, he also made several social media posts regarding the actor’s demise.

He had shared three posts for Rishi Kapoor, in which he also wrote an emotional note for Rishi Kapoor and Family. In this note he recounts and remembers the moments he spent with Rishi Kapoor, the affection he met. Also Alia wrote that she will always be remembered and thank you for being with us. Many people also reacted to this emotional note.

Those who responded to the post include the name of Neetu Kapoor, wife of Rishi Kapoor.¬†Neetu Kapoor has also commented on this post of Alia Bhatt and has written – Love You.¬†In response, Alia also wrote, replying to The Most.¬†Now the comments of Neetu Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are also getting people’s reactions.¬†Please tell that Alia Bhatt had also lived in New York for a long time, when Rishi Kapoor was being treated for cancer there.

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