Heat rising in the Arctic the temperature rises 0.75 degrees Celsius

Heat rising in the Arctic, the temperature rises 0.75 degrees Celsius, scientists warn

Heat rising in the Arctic the temperature rises 0.75 degrees Celsius
The temperature rises 0.75 degree Celsius in the Arctic, scientists warn

Los Angeles, PTI. A new study, warning of the dangers of global warming, claimed that the temperature of the Earth has risen in the Arctic alone in only a decade, as much as the total temperature in the last century. This study, which estimates the effects of global warming on the poles, states that Arctic temperatures have risen by 0.75 degrees Celsius in the last decade. This figure is equal to the total increase in temperature in the last 137 years.

The study, published in the journal Science Advance, detailed the effects of temperature increases on the Arctic and Antarctica wildlife, tundra vegetation, methane leaks, and ice sheets. During the study, researchers at the US University of California (UC) Davis also investigated what effect the polar regions can have if the global temperature rises by two degrees.

Eric Post, who teaches’ Climate Change Ecology ‘at UC Davis and the lead author of the study, said,’ Many of the changes over the past decade are so dramatic that they surprise you. At the same time, we are forced to think about the nature of the Earth in the next decade due to heat.

He said that if we look at the old paintings and imagine that even today, the form of the Arctic is the same, then it is just a matter of convincing ourselves. Its form is constantly changing. Its ecosystem has also changed a lot due to global warming. If we do not take effective steps to avoid this in time, then it is certain that a few decades from now, you will tell your children that this part of the Arctic was once covered with snow.

Emission reduction necessary

The researchers said, “If we want to keep the temperature rise below two degrees Celsius even after 40 years, our policy-makers have to take a general approach in every field and also try to cut emissions.” The Post said, “It is very worrying that the rate at which the Arctic temperature is rising if this speed is not controlled, the temperature here could reach above two degrees Celsius in the next few years.”

The heat will increase by seven degrees

According to the study, if the global temperature rises by two degrees Celsius, it may increase the Arctic temperature by seven degrees Celsius, while Antarctica’s temperature may rise by three degrees Celsius. If this happens, it will have catastrophic consequences, so effective steps need to be taken to reduce carbon emissions in time.

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