Employee Loyalty- The most important resource for a business entrepreneur


No matter how old or new an organisation is, the employees remain the most valuable asset of the organisation. Employee loyalty is a term that is used to describe the various sentiments that connect an employee to his or her current organisation. This also refrains an employee from switching further to different organisations. On the organisation’s part, it is very important to make the employees feel that they are valued. If we go by the various research data in the market, some organisations even lose more than one-fourth of the employees every year. This causes loss of time and money both.

When it comes to loyal employees, they not only work for paychecks, but also for bringing success to the organisation. Adding to this, they are constantly trying their best to improve themselves. Employees who are loyal towards their work and workplace, are always more invested in their work and hence the output comes better.

Therefore, a successful company always needs employees who are loyal and committed both towards the work as well as the organization’s mission. In today’s article, we will be discussing the various ways to develop loyalty amongst the employees, shared by Jignesh Barasara. His name needs no introduction. In today’s business world, he is the pioneer of business entrepreneurship.

Ways to develop loyalty in the employees:-

Strong leadership:-

Your team will learn from you, so the senior leadership must demonstrate the same measure of loyalty, as they are expecting from their employees.

Show you trust your employees:-

Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, do not just speak aloud how much you trust your employees. Show them the same as well. Otherwise, the bond of trust between the employer and employee will never get established.

Honest Feedback:-

Feedback is one of the most important components of growth. To provide honest feedback, the business must operate with complete integrity. An honest approach towards employees will build a very strong foundation for the overall development of both the employees as well as the organization.

Open Communication:-

This is another very important thing to make sure every employee is heard, their opinions are respected. With open two-way communication, a certain level of comfort and trust is established between the employees. This further enhances productivity and will enhance mutual respect between employees and employers.

Remove uncertainties:-

As compared to the past, uncertainty is more prevalent in today’s workplace. This is mainly because the economic changes are occurring at a very high rate. Though there is no permanent fix to this, an organisation can take steps to make the working environment more predictable.

Be Unbiased:-

It’s almost impossible for the employees to believe in the workplace, where people are discriminated against. Therefore, as an employer, it is very important to remain unbiased and everyone equally. Hence, you will share an impression of how important equality is.

Be Supportive:-

By offering a precise and supportive environment, the employer offers a comfortable space to the employer. This further allows the employer to push themselves beyond their comfort level.


As per Jignesh Barasara, the business entrepreneur, following the above measures can help business entrepreneurs achieve employee loyalty for their business.

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