CBSE vs CISCE Board: These are the 5 major differences in these boards


CBSE Vs CISCE Board: While making the admission of children,

Choosing the right school board (CBSE Vs CISCE) along with a good school is also very important.

The school board should be such that it also creates better avenues for the future ahead of the children. In such a situation, these five points can help the parents.

The process of admission of children for the new academic session is going on in schools across the country.

The second biggest dilemma with the choice of a good school in front of parents is about the Board of Education.

 The questions before them are whether to choose the CBSE board or ICSE or any other. Today, we are telling the five differences between CBSE and ICSE so that parents can have easy choices on the right board.

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1. Difference between the medium and books of study

Most of the CBSE board’s schools teach in both Hindi and English languages. Whereas in the ICSE board, education is given only in the English medium. In the CBSE board where NCERT books are taught. At the same time, most of the schools on the ICSE board teach from the books of private publishers. Because of this, there is a difference in the prices of books as well. Books of private publishers are more expensive than NCERT.

2. The facility

of job parents, CBSE board can be better for the children of such job parents who are transferred. Actually, only NCERT books are taught in all the CBSE board-affiliated schools. In addition, the number of schools affiliated with it is also high. While teaching books of private publishers at ICSE, there is a difference in celebs. The schools affiliated with it also get less.

3. Career and Syllabus

The syllabus of the CBSE board is more suitable for various entrance exams like NEET, JEE Main, UPSEE, etc. in India. Talking about CISCE, its syllabus is quite big. Children have to work harder than CBSE. There is a lot of focus on Science and Maths in the CBSE Board. Whereas in this case, the syllabus of CISCE is more balance. It has an equal focus on all subjects like language, art, and science.

4. Evaluation

There is a lot of difference between the two boards in the process of evaluating children. Internal assessment is very important in the ICSE board. ICSE places great emphasis on lab work. It is considered more suitable for students seeking a career in English language literature.

5. For private and

state boards, students of state boards, and private students can also take admission in CBSE board schools. Whereas ICSE does not allow this.

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