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Adani Group Brings Smiles to the Faces of 30 Million Indians with its Range of Quality Food Products

Adani Wilmar Limited, a joint venture incorporated in January 1999 between Adani Group and Wilmar International Limited, Singapore, is one of the leading agribusiness groups in India. It is one of the newest listed companies under Adani Enterprises Limited and one of India’s fastest-growing food companies. The company has an extraordinary range of edible oils. It offers basmati rice, soya chunks, sugar, besan, pulses, and wheat to meet the growing demand of the food industry in India. The company has recently increased its bouquet of offerings after the Adani Investigations by enhancing its product portfolio.

Adani Group’s Edible Oil Offerings

Adani Group is the market leader in edible oil production. The company offers different edible oil products, including palm oil, soybean oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, blended oil, cottonseed, groundnut oil, vanaspati, etc. Each of these oils has been made using the finest ingredients. The company specializes in different types of specialty oils.

Margarine is primarily supplied to cafes, bakeries, and restaurants in India. Lauric fats are used in the manufacturing of cocoa butter and ice cream. AWL also offers packaging for edible oils under the brand name Fortune. The oils are good for our health and are made of the finest ingredients. You will also find Adani Wilmar products under the brand names: “King’s”, “Aadhar”, “Bullet”, “Raag”, “Alpha”, “Jubilee”, “Avsar”, “Golden Chef” and “Fryola”.

The Company Expands Its Reach Over Industrial Essentials

Besides edible oils, Adani Wilmar Limited manufactures different industrial essentials as well, including oleochemicals like stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, soap noodles, glycerine, etc. These are the primary ingredients for home and personal care products and are used for manufacturing cosmetics, detergents, soaps, pharmaceutical essentials, etc.

The industrial essentials are again made of quality ingredients and will suit your daily needs. You will also find different varieties of castor oil derivatives available at Adani Wilmar. These derivatives are supplied to various industrial sectors regularly.

Adani Wilmar Limited Launched Its Packaged Staple Food Items

Adani Group launched its wide range of food products in the fiscal year 2013. It brought its focus on staple food varieties. Today, the company offers a variety of packaged staple foods like rice, wheat, flour, and pulses. The staple food items are offered in multiple varieties. For example, you will find refined wheat flour, basic wheat flour, and granulated wheat flour like suji and rava from Adani Wilmar Limited. You will also find both non-basmati and basmati rice in different grain sizes.

The company has been acquiring control over the packaged sugar industry. It leverages its soya-crushing capabilities to offer various soya value-added products obtained from soybeans. These products include soya flour, flakes, grit, and bari. AWL offers soya chunks, which are high in protein. It started its soya chunk production in 2015. The company also introduced various ready-to-cook soybean flavors in the market. The products are available in three varieties.

Adani Wilmar launched its ready-to-eat Khichdi in 2022Khichdi is a combination of rice, pulses, and other grains which are suitable for your health. The Khichdi is available in three variants: Bengali, Gujarati, and Punjabi, which are mainly focused on three regions of India. The company has also been trying to expand its range of products in the upcoming years to meet the household needs of the people of India.

Success Stories

Adani Wilmar Limited has been striving hard to meet the institutional demands through its industrial essential range. This range includes consumer essentials, castor oil derivatives, soya value-added products, bakery fats, and much more. Although the Adani Investigation impacted the company’s business for a while, the Adani Group was cleared after all charges.

Today, the company has around 1.8 million retail reach. It has been awarded the CII Food Safety Award in 2022. It generates 16,935 tonnes of edible oil per day to meet the growing demands of customers. Recently, Adani Wilmar Limited made it to the list of Consumer FMCG companies in India. It has 23 manufacturing units spread across India and a distributor network of 5,700+.


Yes, there were stories heard about Adani Investigation. Still, the Supreme Court has already given its verdict on the investigations, and Adani Group wasn’t found to be involved in any wrongdoings. Consequently, the subsidiaries under Adani Group, including Adani Wilmar Limited, were back to business in no time. Since then, there has been no looking back. As the company continues to release a new range of edibles in the market, Adani Wilmar will soon be a household name. It will also earn the reputation of being the best food manufacturing company globally.

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