Bigg Boss 13: Will Paras and Mahira’s friendship break because of Asim?

New Delhi The house of ‘Bigg Boss’ is such a house where when there is a relationship, when there is no spoil. Friend does not take time to become enemy and enemy to become friend. In ‘Bigg Boss 13’ too many such relationships have been formed and spoiled. Now it seems that the names of Paras and Mahira are also going to be added to this list. Recently something similar happened to be seen in the house, which seems to be causing a rift in the friendship between Paras and Mahira.

Paras and Mahira have been good friends since the beginning, but the 61st of the show soured due to Asim. Angry, Paras even said that Mahira has changed and she should not talk to him. Actually, luxury budget task was done on the 61st day in Bigg Boss. After the task was over, Asim went to wash dishes, during which there was a debate between him and Siddharth. Paras also jumped in the middle of this debate. After this, the battle of Siddharth and Asim was over, but there was a fierce fight between Paras and Asim. 

Paras made a lot of personal comments for Asim, which none of the household members liked. When Mahira tried to pacify Paras in the fight, he also spoke profusely to Mahira. Paras abuses Mahira even after which Mahira erupts. After this, when Mahira went to settle the fight with Paras, he told Mahira that if he feels that he is wrong in the battle of Asim then Mahira should not talk to him and play his game. Now it will be seen that like the friendship of Siddharth and Asim, will the friendship of Paras and Mahira also get upset? Or everything will be fine between the two.

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