Why expensive paint does peeloff from the walls? | Platinum Waltech

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Have you ever thought, what it will be like if your exteriors are fascinating but interiors look the opposite? Well when anybody sees a beautiful house, they assume that the interiors will be as good as the exterior walls. But most of the times, you would be surprised on knowing by what is on the inside. Over time, walls lose their finish and shine, which may result in peeling off of your expensive paint. Have you ever realised why does it happen? Is it because of quality of paint or wall putty?

 Platinum Waltech
Platinum Waltech

Well the odds are that putty applied didn’t act as an adhesive between the walls and the paint. Therefore, it experts always advise to use best wall putty. Also, there are chances that it can be a mix of all the products used, but the biggest culprit flaking your walls is the moisture. Once there is moisture in your wall, it results in peeling, flaking of paint, and leaves your walls in a powdery condition.

However, it is the cement that seeps in all the moisture. This is the reason that experts say treat the cement properly during the early stages of construction. Since minute cracks are invitation to troubles, you cannot then protect your walls from the damage in future, if not fixed on time. Those cracks can absorb all the moisture, which will create dampness in the walls resulting in more cracks. Dampness does not just cause cracks and wide openings in the walls but can be a cause of fungus and algae.

Well, there are a few methods to prevent cracks as well as problems they cause, both during and after construction. The most simple and effective way to protect your walls from damage is a coat of Wall putty. Wall Putty adds a layer of protection to the surface as well as makes your walls look smooth. The lining provides not only prevents damage from moistness but also extreme heat.Therefore, it is highly recommended that contractors should use best wall putty before the painting of walls in the initial stages of construction.

However, if your walls have started showing early signs of damage and mugginess, then a rapid repair can also solve this issue. Though, it will include a lot of repair work and re-painting, but the results will be worth your efforts. Therefore, choose the wall putty from the best wall putty companies in India, which have quality.

When you use wall putty, you not just protect your walls but the wall paint also. This is the technique of killing two birds with one stone. If you are planning to renovate or repair your house, then use Platinum Waltech’s Wall Putty, which will protect your walls as well as make them look smooth.

So, a double layer of protection that effectively keeps damage away and guarantees to beautiful wall surfaces for a long time. With the use of wall putty, you increase the durability of your walls and then you do not have to worry anymore about flaking, peeling paints, wetness, or cracks.