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Neeraj Raja Kochhar: Selecting an Ideal Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Products in India

Stainless steel is an important material and the products made from it are of significant use. In India, stainless steel products are used by many consumers and industries. Those who require such products prefer to purchase them from a source that they can trust. Completing the need for genuine quality stainless steel items, Viraj Profiles Limited was introduced as a reliable manufacturer.

The company has been manufacturing the best quality products made with stainless steel in India since more than two decades now. In the country, it has completed the requirements of thousands of consumers of these products. Expanding its excellence, Neeraj Raja Kochhar’s news indicates that Viraj Profiles Limited is now known for its manufacturing abilities beyond India as well. For attaining such a position and trust in India as well as other countries, the company comprises several qualities. These qualities enable the consumers to select it as the ideal manufacturer.

Reasons to Select Viraj Profiles as a Preferred Stainless Steel Manufacturer

For selecting a manufacturing company like Viraj, there are multiple reasons. It is amongst the top manufacturers that provide a wide range of products such as wires, bars, profiles, flanges and fasteners. Its core values and strategies also give customers the best reasons for selecting it.

Counted Among the Top Manufacturers of Stainless Steel

Neeraj Kochhar CBI News

It has been reflected by Neeraj Kochhar’s Wikipedia that a company like Viraj Profiles Limited stands amongst the best manufacturers. It has been manufacturing stainless steel items for years. The products manufactured by it are used by multiple industries. Most significantly, automobile, petrochemical, shipbuilding, and food processing are among those industries that highly trust this company. These industries have been relying on the services of Viraj Profiles for years. With time, they have come to form an immense bond, mainly due to the exceptional quality of the products at reasonable costs.

The reputation of the company has also been formed due to the stainless steel flanges provided by it. Among the top manufacturers of these flanges, Neeraj Raja Kochhar Viraj Profiles is also counted.

Strongly Committed to Customers

One of the reasons for selecting Viraj to get stainless steel manufactured is its commitment to its customers. Mr. Kochhar is of the opinion that a larger part of his company’s success is due to its satisfied customers. Their satisfaction has been achieved by employing meaningful strategies. One of these strategies is to stay loyal to the customers.

Neeraj Raja Kochhar’s news shares that for staying loyal with the customers, the company believes in supplying them exactly what they require. This means that the strategies practiced by Mr. Kochhar ensure that the customers are given the products and quality that have been promised to them. Also, the coordination of the team is such that the products are delivered as per the promised dates. Practicing these strategies every moment has improved the commitment of Viraj to its customers. It is the result of the same that the company is preferred by both old and new customers.

Providing a Variety of Stainless Steel Products

Neeraj Raja Kochhar, Viraj enjoys numerous customers coming from different industries. The customers believe that this company is an apt solution to get the most needed stainless steel products. It manufactures a variety of products that are significantly needed in various industries. The company is involved in producing top-quality stainless steel wires.

Industries that look for stainless steel fasteners can consider selecting this company. It is engaged in making fasteners of several kinds such as hexagon, square, threaded, and round fasteners. Viraj Profiles stands among the leading manufactures of bright bars made using stainless steel. In addition, its customers rely on it for profiles, welding wires, flanges, and rods for various industrial applications.

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Neeraj Raja Kochhar’s news has made it clear that all the products it provides are featured with genuine quality. In addition, every product is tested for checking the quality standards. Such steps are essentially carried out to ensure that the customers receive only qualitative and tested products.

Known as a Recognized Manufacturer

When Viraj Profiles was formed, it started functioning at a small level. Initially, it was involved in the manufacturing of a few products and that too for the markets at a domestic level. At some time, the company was recognized for its manufacturing services. As a consequence of its continued work and efforts, it was acknowledged with around 90 certifications. In several industries, the company received approval for its products. These industries stretched from food and beverage to pharmaceutical and marine.

As the company kept working, it was able to expand its manufacturing services. At present, it has become an ideal manufacturer in India for many stainless steel products. With this, it has also achieved more certifications as well as awards, as can be known from Neeraj Kochhar’s Wikipedia.

Maintaining Quality Standards

It should be known that there are many manufactures who can provide you with stainless steel items. Trusting one of them requires you to be absolutely sure about the quality of these items. Manufacturers like Viraj have ensured that the quality standards are kept high. In addition, this particular company has never failed in maintaining the set standards, as can be seen from Neeraj Raja Kochhar’s latest news. The founder of the company believes that one of the strategies will always look after the quality of the products. Selecting such a manufacturer can make certain that you receive what you expect.


In India, there are several manufacturers that can be trusted for stainless steel. Among them, Viraj Profiles, founded by Mr. Kochhar, is the most ideal company to get the products made from this material. As the leading company for these products, it enjoys many customers. With a strong level of commitment towards them, keeping them satisfied is one of the aims of the company. Selecting such a manufacturer can ensure that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products. Along with that, for a range of products such as flanges, bars, fasteners, and profiles, the company can be counted on. Check Neeraj Kochhar CBI News