People were evacuated after breaking windows because the emergency door in the Hotel Levana was closed during the fire


JNN Lucknow. Hotel Levana fire: On Monday, a fire broke out in the hotel in Hazratganj, the state capital of Lucknow, trapping dozens of people inside. Due to the hotel’s emergency entrance not being opened, the fire brigade squad encountered numerous difficulties in providing relief. Due to the smoke that the fire caused to fill the hotel, two individuals perished from suffocation.

The fire brigade personnel had to break the windows’ glass panes to free the trapped individuals after learning of the fire at the Hotel Levana. The hotel’s windows are lined with iron strips. which was damaged, allowing access inside.

In a hotel with 30 rooms, there were 18 guests.

Surya Pal Gangwar, the district magistrate for Lucknow, stated that the hotel has 30 rooms. 18 rooms were reserved at the time of the incident. Even before the catastrophe, some guests had departed the hotel. We knew there were between thirty and thirty-five persons stuck. The majority have been killed. Through cellphone, the individual locked in room 204 was located.

Piyush Mordia, an ACP, was also present. He revealed that the visitors were still imprisoned in room 214. On the second and third floors of the hotel, there was a lot of smoke. It was difficult for the firefighters to get there.

Details around 30 minutes after the fire

Around 7.30 am, smoke began to enter the Hotel Levana rooms. At eight o’clock, this information was shared with the hotel staff. The crew gathered in the rescue after alerting the fire department. People in the hotel’s immediate vicinity said that many guests left by breaking their own windows. Several folks were observed leaving with bags in hand.